We cannot do this alone – will you help us?

“We’re grateful to each and everyone for turning a daft idea into a real Christian experience and a way of drawing our community together.”

Here’s how you can help…


Our productions are created by volunteers and from goodwill and donations. We enjoy carefully planning our budgets to make the best use of every donated penny. If you would like to help, please let us know.

Fundraising and Sponsorship

We love holding our fundraising events throughout the year, and everyone is welcome to take part. We also appreciate your ideas for more fundraising events, the more imaginative the better! You might like to sponsor a particular part of the production; a single costume, or a collection of props, perhaps a part of the scenery. Let us know you are interested and we will show you where we need the most help.

Raise money while you shop online

Find out how you can shop online and raise money for HPP at the same time.


There are many essential roles behind the scenes that help to create our large scale community events. If you have a few hours or perhaps some days that you would like to offer, please let us know. All help is gratefully welcome, and your time will be greatly valued.


For every production we need some new costumes. Do you have some spare fabric you would like to donate to our costume makers? Perhaps there are a few layers of sheets in your linen cupboard that never get used? We particularly need white, dark, and simply patterned fabrics, old blankets, and throws. Cottons are valued as they can easily be dyed. Please let us know and we will make great use of them!


Our large community plays need large numbers of actors. There is a role for everyone, whether experienced or not. We employ professional directors to ensure that everyone is given a chance to learn and grow in both rehearsal and performance. If you would like to join our cast, let us know!


Our backstage crew are a vital part of our plays, with many roles available to those with or without experience since professional guidance will be given. If you would like to join our crew, let us know!


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